Order your graphic stamp online - here’s how it works!

To order a graphic stamp from us with a finished stamp graphic online, design your graphic locally on your computer (Office programs, Photoshop etc.) and upload the finished graphic to our website.

If you have designed your artwork in a drawing program or an office program such as Word or Excel, ideally export this graphic as a PDF so that it can be processed in our online shop.

For information on how to prepare your graphic (file format, resolution, font size, etc.), see Guidelines for graphic stamps.

If you would like to combine your own graphic (e.g. logo, pictogram) with text on the stamp, we offer the possibility to do so online in our designer under Designer Graphic / Text combined. You will find our further instructions on this subject under Instructions Text/Graphic combined

A graphic stamp does not necessarily have to contain a logo, but can be any visual graphic representation: For example, a tabular stamp, an account assignment stamp, a stamp with your company/special font, which you have designed in Word/Excel or a signature stamp with your own signature.

Our video instructions

Step 1: Upload stamp graphic online

If you have selected your graphic via the button or by drag and drop and uploaded it, you can edit the following points in an optimisation step (step 1b):

  1. Increase the amount of black or white: Depending on the setting, more or less of your graphic will be visible on the stamp imprint. Bright, e.g. grey elements can be made visible by increasing the amount of black.
  2. Automatically cut off the white border around the subject: If your graphic has a white border around the design, it is not required for the stamp imprint. To prevent your stamp model from becoming unnecessarily large, our system can cut off this border.
  3. Change size: you can enlarge/reduce the size of your imprint in percentage steps.

You have the possibility to download and print a 1:1 preview as PDF at any time, so that you can view and check your stamp imprint on A4 paper in the actual imprint size.

Step 2: Select stamp model

After you have uploaded your stamp graphic and are satisfied with the preview of your stamp imprint, our system will display the matching stamp models in the next step. From each stamp category the matching model will be shown, with a short description of the stamp.

This is how easy it is to order your customised graphic stamp online in 3 simple steps. To upload your graphic now, go to Upload your own rubber stamp design


Schritt 3: Stempelmodell konfigurieren

Wenn Sie Ihr gewünschtes Stempel Modell online ausgewählt haben, können Sie im dritten und letzten Schritt Ihren Wunschstempel konfigurieren. Sie wählen hier online die Farbe des Stempelgehäuses, sowie des Stempelabdrucks. Unser System zeigt Ihnen nun auch wie gross Ihr Abdruck sein wird und die mögliche Stempelgrösse des von Ihnen gewählten Stempelmodells.

We are proud of being the fastest Swiss online shop for bespoke rubber stamps and we supply the whole of Switzerland. The general rule is: ordered by 4 p.m. - sent out the same day by A-Post. So in most cases your stamp will be ready for stamping the next day at your office or your home.

If you have any further questions or difficulties on how to order your personal graphic stamp, please do not hesitate to send us your request via our request form. We are happy to help you.